Jun 10, 2012

In The Shell of A Nut Turns TWO!

I honestly can’t believe that another year has flown by and it’s time to wish In the Shell of  A Nut a Happy Second Birthday! The past year was filled with many more papers for school and assignments for work, which inevitably resulted in less posts. But it was still a great year filled with what I hoped were delicious meals and sweet treats enjoyed by many! No matter how busy things get, I always thoroughly enjoy my time in the kitchen cooking up or baking something new or an old time favorite and then making my way onto here and sharing it with all of you!

Like last year, I thought the best way to celebrate two years of In the Shell of A Nut would be to highlight the top recipes that are viewed and searched for from the site. Here’s a recap of year 2 favorites!

We’ll do the top 5 and work our way to the number one recipe viewed! Starting with Number 5 is the cinnamon crumble apple quick bread!

Cinnamon crumble quick bread!

The Number 4 recipe goes to honey vanilla pound cakes! I have made these more times than I can count and they are a winner every time! They are the perfect gifts but I recommend giving a copy of the recipe with the pound cakes because everyone will definitely be asking you for it after they take their first bite!

Honey vanilla pound cake fresh from the oven!

Number 3 goes to one of my favorites: Vanilla batter chocolate icing birthday cake! It’s been a staple at the dining room table for almost every birthday I can remember and sometimes I make cupcake forms throughout the year just to get a bite of what is one of my favorite cakes! Nothing over the top fancy, but sometimes the simplest end up being the best!

Yellow Batter Chocolate Icing Birthday Cake!

Holding strong at the top in the Number 2 spot is tilapia with spaghetti squash! I can completely understand this popular search! I’m such a huge fan of spaghetti squash that I could eat it at least once a week! But then pair it with a nice light fish like tilapia and I’m in a little food heaven! Who would have thought I could be such a squash fan!

Tilapia, roasted spaghetti squash and red potatoes!

Last but not least is the Number 1 viewed recipe: Snickerdoodle cupcakes! My sweet tooth is always searching for chocolate in my desserts but these snicker doodle cupcakes are so scrumptious that I’m not even disappointed by the absence of chocolate! The marshmallow frosting just melts in your mouth and the cinnamon sugar cupcake is like eating a doughnut, muffin and cupcake all at the same time. You really can’t beat that combination!

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes!

Here’s to a fantastic year three of In the Shell of A Nut! Filled with many more wonderful (and relaxing) times in the kitchen and delicious food and treats to share with family, friends, and all of you out there! For now, that’s year two…in the shell of a nut!

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