Jan 24, 2014

Stitch Fix Review # 1

Stitch Fix Box Open


It’s Friday (yay!) and I thought it would be fun to share something a little different than food with y’all. It’s my new favorite piece of mail to get, in addition to my monthly food magazine subscriptions! STITCH FIX! To say that it’s one of the best finds in the past few months may be understatement because I was hooked after receiving my very first box! The basic premise is that you are signing up for a personal shopper that hand picks items that work specifically for your body, your tastes and style. You start by filling out an extensive style profile that covers everything: your body shape, size, your style, what you like, what you hate, favorite colors, etc. You can also send them a link to your Pinterest style board if you have one. From there, a personal stylists selects clothes/accessories that they think would work best for you, wrap it up, and ship it to your front door. You can’t help but get excited when you see the stitch fix box waiting for you! When you open the box you find everything neatly folded in tissue paper with a cute and personal note from your stylist. They tell you what they picked and why and by the end you’ll feel like you just made a new friend!

Stitch Fix Info


The next part is the best part: time to try on! You get three business days to try the items on, pair them with other things in your closet and decide what stays and what goes back. They provide a pre-paid shipping bag so returns are as simple as could be. I love that you can try things on at home with your own closet just steps away. You can remember if you already have something similar, you can put together outfits with the new items and I really think there are some things that would have never made it from the store to my closet had I not had the opportunity to try them on at home. Of course you can always return items you buy in the store but really who wants to drive all the way back, deal with the hustle and bustle of the store and return or exchange an item? Not me! Stitch Fix eliminates that annoyance and makes for the best shopping experience! Plus, the personal shopper comes to you in the form of a suggestion card! For each item, you get a few ideas on how to dress it up and dress it down with things you might already have.

Stitch Fix Styling So my first Stitch came right around Christmas (we’ll call it a Christmas present to myself)! With each item I pulled out of the box I got more and more excited and I’m pretty sure my voice went up an octave each time. After the longest semester yet of writing papers, presenting at conferences and juggling full time work, little things like fun clothes become that much more exciting! Here’s what I got:

Chevron ShirtI’m a sucker for patterns, especially chevron! I loved the navy and the fit was a lot better than some of the other blouses I’ve tried on like this. Sometimes I find these can be boxy but this one had the perfect shape. (41 Hawthorn Dellora 3/4 Sleeve Zig Zag Blouse: $58.00)

Shift Dress with Belt

This shift dress immediately had me with the geo print. On the hanger it looks like a big rectangle, but add the belt and you’re in business! There are cute little gold accent buttons on the roll up sleeves and I love the colors of the dress. So many times I find my dresses are more muted tones so this is a great addition of color to my dresses. (Ezra Chance Geo Print Belted Shift Dress: $64)

Denim Pencil SkirtAt first glance this seemed like just another denim pencil skirt but it is far from it. It’s extremely soft denim with the perfect amount of stretch in it so you don’t feel constricted all day long (if you wear pencil skirts you know what I’m talking about). I already had a few jean skirts in my closet but honestly they weren’t my favorite and I was keeping them around until I found something better. This skirt clearly met my definition of “better” so the old skirts were quickly removed and donated! (Margaret M Daniel Denim Pencil Skirt: $98).

Infinity ScarfAnyone who has known me for awhile knows that I am a scarf girl. Once that temp drops just the slightest bit in the fall I’m immediately sporting a scar and will continue to do so until the very last day possible in the spring! This knit infinity scarf isn’t like my other scarves color wise so I knew it would find a home in my closet. It transitions from a dark blue, to light blue, to cream and I’ve been able to match it with a lot of different things. I was a little worried at first because the knitting seemed extremely fragile but after wearing it a couple times over the past month, so far no problems! Plus, once it’s wrapped around your neck it honestly feels like I’m wrapping myself in a blanket; who can say no to that?! (Paul Bianco Blakeley Ombre Knit Infinity Scarf: $68).

Bauble Bracelet


I wasn’t so sure about the bauble bracelet at first because typically bracelets just fall right off my wrist. But this one worked out great because it’s stretchy and therefore not so giant. I loved the color and thought it went great with some of the things I got in this Stitch Fix but also with other things in my closet. (Bay to Baubles Erin Hexagon Stone Stretch Bracelet: $34).

I don’t know if you can tell from what I’ve written about each item but I decided to keep it all! I didn’t expect that from a single style profile a stylist I’ve never met before or has never seen me would get it so right, but she did! Now, each time you schedule a fix you pay $20 for the styling for that particular Fix. BUT, if you purchase something you get to apply that $20 styling fee towards your total AND if you buy all five things you get a 25% discount! So what would have been over $300 for all five things was just over $200! I see these sort of items in boutiques all around Atlanta and I probably would have been lucky to get one cute dress for that price. So to me, this was a bargain! But, they have all different price ranges and you can put in your style profile the range that you wish to spend on your items and they’ll try to stick to that. Plus, after each stitch fix you go online and rate each item (including the pricing of the item) and the overall fix so that each time your box of fun clothes can just get better and better!

Stitch Fix Outfit


Wearing my scarf, shirt, bracelet (and pants from Stitch Fix #2 that I’ll share soon!), I think I can officially say I’m a Stitch Fix Super Fan and cannot recommend it enough! My schedule gets insane and if I take the time to go out for a quick shopping study/work break I immediately feel guilty thinking of all the work I could have and should have done instead. Stitch Fix solved that problem and even better, each item is unique! It’s better service than you could get in a store, unless you went shopping on a complete off day at a random time and the associate is looking for something to do. For me, the likelihood of that happening, is slime! But even then, I’ve never had someone pick out clothes for me so perfectly than Annie from Stitch Fix! After such a fun and perfect first Fix, she can pick out my clothes any day! If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix or tried it out yet, you’re missing out and have got to check it out ASAP! You can use my referral link (https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3306837), which credits me with $25 for each referral, but more importantly it means your Fix is on it’s way!! I’ve already got my next Fix scheduled and so should you! For now, that’s my (successful) Stitch Fix #1…in the shell of a nut!



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