Dec 11, 2014

How to pick wedding colors?

wedding colors

It’s Wedding Wednesday! I’m not sure if this is actually going to become a “thing” on intheshellofanut but we’re going to try it! We went for our cake tasting today (OMG! So Delicious!) and so of course today my mind has been filled with all things wedding related! When I started thinking a few weeks back about some wedding posts I might do, one thing that came to mind right away was wedding colors.¬†How do you even begin to narrow colors down?! At least that is the question we were asking. Do you go with your favorite color? If that is the case, I could say my favorite color is like five different colors so that didn’t help. Do you go with two colors? or three? or more? If you go with more, how do you pick colors that don’t make it look like a rainbow just exploded all over your wedding?! Do you go with colors that just look pretty for weddings and picture nicely? See, the list just goes on!

wedding colors2

The first piece of advice I can give is to go with what YOU love! There are no single answers to the questions above. It’s completely dependent on the couple and what you think is YOU! It’s going to be your day and you want your guests to look around and see y’all, the couple, in everything.

My second tip is to use the color inspiration boards from The Sweetest Occasion. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this website and I’m pretty sure it made picking wedding colors hours shorter than it could have been for us! They create mini color inspiration boards with different objects to give you ideas of how to use the different complimentary colors. It’s one thing to pick colors that look good together and a whole other thing to figure out how to use the colors throughout the decorations. We started by looking through all of the boards and pinning the ones that we loved for our wedding look. We wanted to collect all of our favorites and then start to narrow it down. Here are some examples of color boards that made it to our pinterest board.

With our wedding being at the very beginning of August and in the south, we’re a summer wedding. These colors just said “summer” fun to us!

cherry-and-yellow-color-scheme-01These colors are similar but a little softer. (Side note: that bouquet!)

winter-citrus-color-palette-01We ultimately went with the colors below. A nice combination of the first two color boards. But by looking through everything and pinning any and all color boards we were drawn to, it helped us automatically see a theme. We were clearly drawn to the corals, orange and sage green combo. There is no way that I could have come up with that combo by myself and if I could have, there is definitely no way I could have landed on that so quickly!

clementine-wedding-colors-01I think this whole process took about thirty minutes of Jor and me sitting at the computer, pointing at things we liked, oh-ing and ah-ing at different color combinations, and finally deciding on our color palette. Thank you to the sweetest occasion for making our lives SO much easier!

My next tip comes from my good friend who I like to refer to as my party planning/decorating guru! She’s seriously my go-to resource for all things entertaining-related and this particular suggestion from her was priceless! Literally! It cost $0! She told me to go the paint store and get paint swatches to look at the colors in person. Genius, right?! We took the colors from our color inspiration board that we had decided on and found matching paint swatches. It was so helpful to make our final decision on colors and it has also helped with making our planning that much easier with vendors. I can just pull out our swatches and they can see our colors exactly as we envision them!

wedding colors3

It’s also been helpful to start deciding how to use all of the colors. I knew right away, that while I love the pop of orange I wasn’t necessarily thinking that would be such a great bridesmaid dress color. My bridesmaids have so far agreed with that thought! Instead, I’m thinking either the sage, coral, or light blush. So helpful to have these to compare with fabric swatches and/or dresses.

wedding colors4

In addition to our colors we picked out, I decided that everything is better with a little sparkle and gold seemed the most fitting! Notice I said “I thought”…I’m not sure hints of gold accents and sparkle here and there were the first thing that Jor thought about!

wedding colors5

I’ll be sharing my DIY “will you be my bridesmaid” gifts very soon, but you can see that having the paint swatches is also handy when wanting to share them with your bridal party, mom, florist, cake baker, etc. I should warn you, when you have to walk out of the store with over 60 paint swatches tucked away in your purse, you will kind of feel as though you owe them something. I got my swatches from Ace Hardware and got over the guilt by buying kitchen drawer liners. Guilt averted!

wedding colors6

I have learned through the wedding planning process that the world of wedding colors is enormous! But I am convinced that you can have a beautiful wedding with one color theme or five! Completely up to you! Play around with colors you normally wouldn’t think about, Google, search on Pinterest, stuff your bag with lots of paint swatches to play around with and just have fun with it all! This day is supposed to be all about you and your other half and honestly, I don’t think you can really go wrong with your color choices! No one else is going to remember the colors and all the little details quite like you will, so pick what you love best and it’s sure to be perfect! For now, that’s how to pick your wedding colors…in the shell of a nut!


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