Me in the shell of a nut:

I absolutely love homemade cooking! It all starts with my super-mom who would work all day and then come home to make a fantastic meal from scratch every night. No frozen meals, pre-packaged baked goods; we didn’t even have a microwave until I was in high school! So after 18 years of being completely spoiled by amazing food you can imagine the shock of college cafeteria food. In my family, we live by the motto that if food isn’t good why even eat it? So, for the first few months at college I lived on salad, grilled chicken sandwiches, breadsticks, honey nut cheerios and apples with peanut butter. Not exactly my homemade meals I was used to. The lack of good food and the late study nights caught up fast and I landed myself with a trip to the hospital and a long few months recovery from mono and other various illnesses. That was not a party I really wanted to return to so with the help from my boyfriend, we started our own homemade cooking. We had a pot for boiling pasta for two, a frying pan, a baking sheet, a few essential cooking utensils and that was about it. We’d make our weekly trip to Whole Foods and come home with a cart full of fresh food that I then would have to efficiently pack into a dorm fridge: my organization skills were put to the test. But we did it. We managed to be college kids who went to class, went to work, studied all night AND managed to squeeze in a nice homemade dinner for two. We started back in freshman year, added to our kitchen collection and cooking repertoire and I believe we’re slowly on our way to becoming as good of cooks as my super-mom!!

I started In The Shell Of A Nut to not just share some of our favorite homemade recipes but to fill a void in the food world. We love the food network channel as much as the next at home cook/baker but when we watch these shows they’re geared towards someone a tad bit older than ourselves. We never see the 20-something year old making the homemade meal because I think most people our age don’t think it’s possible. We’re here to show that it is! You can juggle school, studying, work and just being a young adult and still make delicious, simple homemade meals! And this isn’t just for the young but also the young at heart. No matter your age, everyone is busy and it’s easy to use that as an excuse for not sitting down to a healthy home cooked meal. Hopefully In The Shell Of A Nut can provide some cooking inspiration to all and some motivation to take a time out on the go-go-go mentality and instead cook-cook-cook!

Last but not least how did I end up with “in the shell of a nut”? Most individuals use the more commonly known phrase “in a nut shell”. However, as a kid I had a tendency to scramble some common idioms, such as “in a nut shell” and my unique twists just seemed to stick with me 15 or so years later!

So that’s me, my love of homemade cooking and why I’m here….in the shell of a nut!