Apr 5, 2014

My Obsession with Stitch Fix Continues! Review #3

Stitch Fix Box 3


Just when I got in the groove of putting together posts on a regular basis, it seemed that my workload exploded and I clearly struggled to find the time to share new recipes and things. When deciding what to share after being silent for a little over a month, my mind went straight to my third STITCH FIX!! It’s Friday (thank goodness!) and I think it is only fitting that I share something that I can honestly say is on my favorite list. Each time I sign up for another Fix, I count down the days until it arrives and the moment I get the tracking number email, I may or may not check the status of my Fix multiple times a day!

If you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix, consider today your lucky day! You pay $20 for a personal stylist to pick out five items that they think you’ll love based on a series of detailed questions you answer related to your favorite style, colors, fit, size, etc. Your stylist sends their picks to you to try on on in the comfort of your own closet and mix and match with things you already own. When you think about it, your closet really is the best dressing room! You have three business days to decide what to keep and what to send back (or keep it all!) and send any items back in a pre-paid package. So simple. If you buy just one item you can apply the $20 styling fee and if you keep all five items, 25% off your entire box! You can learn more about all the details from the review of my First Fix!

Stitch Fix Outfits 3


My third fix was another winner! Annie, my stylist filled this fix with bright spring colors and great pieces that are perfect for layering and transitioning into spring.

Stitch Fix Stripe Tank 3

This tank had me at the stripes and colorblock! Two of my favorite things wrapped up into one shirt! The black and white stripes and pop of blue makes it easy to pair with a variety of colored jeans and it works great with a blazer or casual cardigan. Living in the south, the humid summer months are on their way and I loved how this top can be worn well into the summer. I took the suggestion from the style card and paired this top with my denim jacket and my favorite skinnies that I got in my second stitch fix. (I would live in these pants if people wouldn’t start noticing and thinking that it was weird!) (Collective Concepts: Fontana Striped & Colorblocked Tank $58.00) 

Stitch Fix Stripe Tank 2

Stitch Fix Cream Top

The second tank in the box didn’t have me sold right away. Usually I am just not of fan of the tops with the tie-neck things. Half the time I can’t get them to stay put or they just make the whole shirt drape awkwardly. However, this is a perfect example of why Stitch Fix is so awesome at introducing things to your closet that you might not have picked up on your own in the store. I took the top to the closet and found so many outfits that the shirt looked great with. Cream is such a neutral color and I quickly realized I didn’t really have a fancier cream top that I could pair with some of my colored bottoms. This is one of those perfect tops that you throw on with some skinny jeans and can feel put together even on those days that you don’t feel like putting too much effort in getting dressed up. Again, another perfect top to wear during the spring with a light sweater or by its own in the summer! (41 Hawthorn: Bell Solid Sleeveless Tie-Neck Blouse $48)

Stitch Fix Dolman Top and Scarf

The next two items have become instant favorites in my closet! Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a total sucker for scarves! That is one thing I hate about summers in the south: there is no room for a scarf in this sticky climate during the summer! Annie from Stitch Fix caught on to this pretty quickly and this is my second scarf in three fixes. This scarf in particular is perfect for spring time here. Super light and the tribal print colors go with so many items in my closet. That was a no brainer! The dolman top immediately caught my eye because of the color! I have been so tired of all the dark winter colors and this top just screamed “spring is on the way!” The second best thing about this top is how incredibly soft it is! So comfortable without even trying! It’s great with pants but also went great with the jean pencil skirt from my first stitch fix(41 Hawthorn: Tiffany Lightweight Tribal Print Infinity Scarf $32.00; Laila Jayde: Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top $58.00)

Stitch Fix Tribal Dress

The last item in this fix was my favorite! The print alone was so much fun and I love a fit and flare dress! I was actually able to pair this with some tights, boots, sweater and infinity scarf from my first fix and loved the splash of color on the cold day. But, I’m more than happy to rid the tights for a cute pair of sandals and wear this dress well into summer! This dress made me smile right away, which is usually a good sign that the item needs to find a place in my closet, which it did! (41 Hawthorn: Madox Tribal Print Fit and Flare Dress $68.00)

Another successful Stitch Fix that had me buying ALL FIVE items! That’s three for three, which means that Annie pretty much rocks! and I can’t stop crushing on Stitch Fix! In fact, I went out to California two weeks ago and when I went to pack, I realized that over half of my outfits for the week were stitch fix items! Although they don’t send you specific outfits, so many of the pieces mix and match so easily and whether it’s the style, color, fit, etc. each stitch fix item is just a little different than the typical things I’d normally pick out. Over the past few months, my Stitch Fix items have actually motivated me to clean out the closet of those clothes that I’d hold on to just because and I’m happily replacing them with things I love and would wear every day if I could! I’ll just have to keep ordering more Stitch Fixes so that I CAN wear Stitch Fix everyday! If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix out for yourself you have to make it a MUST DO on your to-do!  You can use my referral link (https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3306837), which credits me with $25 for each referral, but more importantly it means your Fix is on it’s way!! For now, that’s my obsession with Stitch Fix continued…in the shell of a nut!


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  • I have StitchFix too and I agree too. When I was packing for a short weekend trip, I happened to pack all StitchFix tops :-P.

    • My stitch fix items have definitely become favorites and it wasn’t until I was completely done packing that I realized my suitcase was filled with “fix” things! I guess I just gravitate towards them now!

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