Dec 3, 2014

We’re Engaged!! The Proposal

Proposal 6

Last week I mentioned that the past few months have been filled with some exciting events and happenings related to work, school, and my personal life. Starting with my most favorite is that on September 14, Jor and I got engaged!!!! Spending 8.5 years together, we had pretty much decided that the other was a sure deal and a total keeper but the proposal was still a complete surprise and better than I even imagined! Jor did an absolute perfect job keeping it a secret, making it unique to us and making it incredibly special! It’s a day that I never want to forget!

The actual day started like a typical Sunday. I went to my Sunday morning Pure Barre class for a little LTB (lift, tuck, burn), did a little cleaning and then got ready for a brunch with a friend. My friend and I talked about when and how Jor might propose but that seemed totally normal at this point. Last year on my birthday Jor said that by the next birthday I would be engaged. I always assumed he meant to him (of course!) and we were literally down to single digit days until my birthday! I was trying to read into anything and everything, thinking it could come at any moment but I eventually gave up knowing that Jor was too good at stuff like this and I’d never figure it out. So, after brunch, my friend and I went to an art festival, randomly ran into my parents who already knew and gave nothing away, and then my friend dropped me off. Nothing seemed out of place or unusual UNTIL I came home and reached our front door and saw this:


Our front door was covered from top to bottom in sticky notes! My favorite! Since day one, Jor and I have left probably a couple hundred sticky notes for each other; not even joking! Since undergrad Jor has left messages on the last page of my notebook so I’d find them when I went to class, or in my computer greeting me when I opened it next, or on my mirror telling me I looked beautiful when I probably just woke up or got back from a run looking like a hot mess! It’s been our form of little love notes throughout the day to let the other know we’re thinking of each other. So when I saw the door my jaw literally dropped and then quickly turned into the largest grin, my mouth actually hurt by the end of all of this! I have to admit, the second thing I thought to do was get my phone out, snap a pic and send it to my friend I’d just spent the day with telling her “I’m pretty sure something is about to happen!”

All of the green sticky notes were the digits of pi. If you hadn’t guessed from previous posts, we’ve got a little nerd in us, with both of us graduating from Tech schools and so with the digits of pi going to infinity, Jor felt it matched our love (insert “aw” sound here). The two pink sticky notes in the center led me off on a sticky scavenger hunt…

Proposal Door2

I started by going down to the garage to his car, then to my car. The front seat sent me to the back seat that was filled with a bouquet of roses! Jor usually opts for other flowers but noted that today seemed like a rose-kind-of day. From the back seat, I was sent to the trunk where a balloon was waiting and holding the next clue. I HATE popping balloons. Like a lot! But for Jor, I did it! And out popped the next clue that sent me back upstairs to the apartment.

I walked in, the lights were out, the place was filled with candles and Etta James was playing in the background. I thought my smile couldn’t get bigger but it did! The first thing I found inside was a simple and sweet card and then half of a puzzle piece. We’ve always told the other that we were each other’s missing puzzle piece.


The card led me to the first clue in the apartment, at my computer (where the love of sticky notes started) and I then went all over the bottom floor of our apartment from clue to clue. It took me about 5 minutes going to random objects with sweet notes and then to all the pictures in our place going through all our favorite memories that make up our story over the past 8.5 years. The last three sticky notes had different stories/sayings that each included these separate words circled: “Will”, “You”, “Marry”. The hunt ended at the light switch for the stairs. It said to turn the lights on and when I did, I was greeted by a GIANT bouquet of red and white balloons. I have a love of balloons that might be even greater than my love of flowers! And then behind the balloons came a Jor! And he had the final sticky note that said “ME” to complete the question hidden within the final sticky notes! In his shirt pocket was the other half of the two piece puzzle heart (easiest puzzle ever!) and in his hand was the ring box. He said a few more special words and then got down on his knee and that’s when I had the typical response! My hands went straight to my mouth with excitement and my eyes filled with happy tears! He asked the question himself and I couldn’t say YES fast enough!Proposal-Ring

As you can see from the fuzzy picture below we were a little bit excited. Well, maybe more than a little bit! At this point, we were officially engaged!


After this point, I can’t remember every single detail perfectly but I just remember feeling completely overwhelmed with happiness! After being together for8.5 years one might think that putting a ring on it would just be adding some fancy bling to the relationship. But it has been so much more than that! The past few weeks have been filled with lots of wedding planning and booking of vendors before our favorites are swooped up for our day. But best of all, the past few weeks have been filled with love and support from all of our family and friends that just adds to our excitement!

Proposal 2

So often I am completely focused on work and school and I forget to take a breath and enjoy the rest of what is happening in my life. This engagement has been the perfect reminder that while school and work are huge parts of my life, even bigger is what I have at the end of the day when all of that is done for the day. It’s knowing that each day I have someone to talk to, to share with, to cry to when I need it, to celebrate with, to grow with, and to dream with! I’ve always told Jor that school and work and the balancing of the two has come with lots of challenging times and situations but through it all (because he’s literally been there for all of it) he’s been the easiest part!

Proposal 5

We have about 8 more months until our big day and I know that before I know it, we’ll be in our final countdown. I’m trying to hold on to each special moment of our engagement and enjoy the planning process. It’s one of those moments when you want to close your eyes and just stop time for a brief moment. Not surprisingly, Jor wanted to do more than just show up for the day and has been super involved in the planning since day one; making everything that much more special. I won’t share every last detail of the planning on here, I don’t want to be one of those bride-to-be, but I will share some things that I have found super helpful in the process and some DIY ideas. My first wedding DIY was a special “Will you be my bridesmaid” project that I had so much fun making and even more fun hearing/seeing my friends responses! I’ll share that soon! But for now, that’s our proposal story…in the shell of a nut!


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